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Evan Brandt

My name is Evan Brandt, I am the creative director of this production company. My goal is to create content that tells a story. Let me tell yours.


What we can provide

Video Production is the corner stone of our business. We believe the purpose of video is to tell a story, help us tell yours.

Our photo services range from product photography to portraits.

If you’re looking for a service that will take all the stresses of writing away and free up your schedule, then you’ve come to the right place. We understand that writing is a time-consuming endeavor, so we created this service for you.

What Kind of Story do YOU want to tell?

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Most Recent Work

R + F Virtual Commercial


Some of my recent work.

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Photography Pricing

  • Professional Headshot

    The Perfect Edition To Your Business

  • $500

    • 5 Unique Head shots with Studio Lighting Digital Delivery
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  • Portrait Session

    Who Are You?

  • $800

    • 5 Unique Portraits with Studio Lighting Unique set that represents you
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  • Location Shoot

    Represent You in Your Environment

  • $1000

    • 5 Unique portraits With Outdoor Lighting Anywhere in OC (abroad is extra)
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Here's what the clients have to say.

"No one has ever made me look this good, in my entire life."
Bilal El Hage


My thoughts.


I’m going to be in Switzerland at the end of the month. If you want a commercial, brand piece, documentary, or photo shoot, send me an email. Lets make something happen. If you’re near Switzerland I’ll make the trip!


Let's tell a story.