14 days to 20

This is a special I am running where you get a full video in one week, for a third of the price. 

No really. I’m serious. The answers to all the questions I’ve received will be down below. I look forward to working with you! 

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Most frequent questions and answers

$1000! You get a 6 hour filming session and a completed video. This is a $3000 value. 

Yes it is! I’ve spent my whole life traveling more for work than vacation. However, due to the low cost of this special I can’t absorb the plane ticket cost. 

It is $300 if you’re not in Southern California, this is the average price of a plane ticket to the east coast. 

One week from the end of filming!

*Before any revisions. Revisions can extend the process beyond 1 week*

Unfortunately no. In order to protect the integrity of my work I will deliver a finished product to you. However, each project is allowed 3 minor editing revisions. And 1 major revision an example being a music change. 

Up to you. You are the producer and I’m here to execute your vision. If you want to just talk to the camera for 6 hours we can do that as well. 

I will happily work longer for you. After all who needs sleep? However this will be on a case by case basis. Let me know what your project needs are and we will adjust accordingly.

I will not be receiving the other half of the payment until the video is complete. Before that however, I need to plan and execute your video. Also I need to buy a plane ticket (most likely).

  1. Assuming at this point you’re ready to pull the trigger make a 50% deposit.
  2. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours reach out to me to schedule your session don’t worry once you make a payment your spot is saved. 
  3. We meet over zoom to talk about your idea and what you want to achieve. Start thinking about what story you want to tell and why. Also think about your audience. Let me worry about the how. 
  4. I send you a proposal that has all the presumed details for your approval. 
  5. We shoot the video
  6. You send back any revision requests. 
  7. You receive your time capsule (video)! 

Because the day I conceived of this idea it was 14 days till I turn 20! Yes I am still 19. However I shot and edited the video in 12 hours and unfortunately that put me 5 hours into day 2, so in reality its 13 days to 20. But it wasn’t as catchy. 

I started out as an oil painter, and a pitcher. That led me to never suffer mediocrity. In oil painting you can always refine up until the end so when you finish you know it’s your best work. It’s the same with editing videos. As for pitching, well if you suck then you don’t get to pitch anymore. Kind of like shooting! Basically when it comes down to it, I don’t like half-assing it.

I may do specials again. However it won’t ever be this low again, also you only turn 20 once.

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