Video has quickly become one of the most (if not THE most) powerful forms of media. Videos stick with us long after we watch them, and that’s exactly why Evan Brandt Media prides itself in its high-quality videography. We know the impact a video can have on people and realize the kind of care that needs to be put into one so that it may be truly memorable.


Each cost is decided on a per project basis.

  1. What type of video do you want? This can vary from Facebook ad to documentary.
  2. How long do you want the video? This will determine how many hours of shooting and editing there will be.
  3. What quality of footage do you want? We have experience working in a range of cameras from Dslr, to Cinema Cameras and lenses. We can shoot from HD to 4k or up to 8k to achieve the desired quality.

These factors together will allow us to give you a flat rate or hourly quote based on the project specifications. At the beginning of the project we will provide an estimated cost as well as a story board/outline of how we plan to proceed.