Evan Brandt is the founder of this team with a goal of being able to create content with no barriers. It is no secret that digital media rules our every day lives through video, pictures, writing, and music. If you want to take advantage of this new world you need someone to call. Someone to take your vision, your product, and turn it into a form to be presented to a larger audience. Most teams focus on one aspect of art, whether it be painting or video marketing, but we focus on many. We achieve this by constructing a team with a diverse range of skills and abilities. We do everything you require in house and our services include writing, video, photos, and music.

Evan Brandt

Role: Director of all Media Creation

Background: Evan Brandt has been creating art from a very young age, primarily with oil paintings starting at 8 years old. After attending Orange County High School of the Arts for Visual Arts for 4 years, he felt the need to branch out. Since then he has perused other passions such as music, speeches, videography, and photography. His true passion lies in telling stories through these different mediums.

Specialty: Videography and Photography

Verania Guadarrama

Verania Guadarrama

Role: Co-Founder, CFO

Background: Former Cross Country runner Verania has always wanted to get out into the real world, make a positive change, and care for those who can’t care for themselves. Currently attending Orange Lutheran, she founded this company with Evan Brandt. Together they make a formidable team. She has a passion for writing and poetry. As a first generation American, the sky is the limit for what she can do.

Specialty: Financial Advising and Writing

Luke Wagner

Luke Wagner

Role: Senior Writer, Consultant

Background: Former Water Polo player and lifeguard, Luke always had a passion for writing. Currently attending Oklahoma University studying economics, he graduated from Lutheran High School of Orange County with over a 4.0 GPA. He is a perfect addition to your team for all things writing, whether it be website descriptions or speeches.

Specialty: Editing and Drafting

Delaney Lawson

Delaney Lawson

Role: Co-Founder of Nuage, Musician

Background: Delaney has been around since the beginning, way back in 2015 when Ana Brandt was first deciding to have custom music for some of her videos. Delaney and Evan were friends at Orange County Highschool of the Arts, and they decided to form a music group together, Nuage. An aspiring musician, she has been playing violin since elementary school and has fallen in love with the instrument. A master of pitch, with the certificate of merit for Violin, she has already has amassed herself quiet a resume.

SpecialtyViolin and Song Writing

Tofer Medina

Role: Song Writer, Musician

Background: Kristofer, less formally known as Tofer, has had a passion for piano since a very young age. A talented musician, he has the creative ability to write any piece of music he desires with no limitations. He has a love for telling stories through the lens of a camera and the piano.

Specialty: Piano and Cinematography

Kade Wagatha

Role: Production Manager, Musician

Background: Kade has had an interest in guitar since he was a young boy, now attending Cal State Fullerton for International Business. Crucial to this team he manages the production on set, to make sure everything’s running as it should.

Specialty: Electric Guitar